My story

Mod'Horse: Creations of equipments for horses original and custom

Cavaliers, riders and other addicts of the equestrian shopping, come to discover the

new trends in fashion!

The fashion ??

Yes, the equine fashion! it exists ???

Go hop to the little trot! Follow me... !

Welcome to my world, welcome to Mod'Horse!


But what is Mod'Horse?

Stay connected, I'll tell you my story ...

A passion became a profession, from the stable to my workshop.

My name is Marjorie, I am ... thirties and I am passionate about riding since my most

young age, the only one of the family elsewhere but it is only a parenthesis.

My journey is not traditional but I discovered the world of the horse during an excursion with my leisure center at

the age of 8, on an equestrian farm and it immediately pleased me.

So I continued every Saturday afternoon so I could learn horseback riding

from the outside, from the galloping step and evolve in varied terrain.

Like all the girls of my age my room was carpeted with poster of

my favorite equestrian magazines (as for not quoting the famous Cheval Mag and

Horse Star ...)

I live pony, I slept pony but no I did not eat pony I you

reassure ...!

And naturally do not forget the equestrian fashion was already present at the level of the dress of the rider and the rider then believe me I potassais much the catalog of equestrian equipment also. While waiting to own my horse ...

And that great day came!

My parents made me the most beautiful surprises!

A beautiful chestnut 12 year old (my age) came into my life.

Me cavalier of outside and he dressage horse ...

I do not hide that I had to rub shoulders with a riding center to upgrade a few years.

With this beautiful Chestnut I discovered the classic riding and competitions that hoisted me up my gallop 6.

That's when I became a real rider!

Attracted by the fashion and the fun side of fully matching my horse in his


When I meet old equestrian knowledge they always remember

of us: "but yes! You're the girl with the horse all in red ?! "

So much memories...

I always wanted to work with horses, after having done some of my

I wanted to open my own center but the sites available at that time did not lend themselves to it.

But, I have always been attracted by manual work, art and drawing.

I tried to sew with the idea of ​​"why not create my own sets for my horse"?

The collections in the equestrian shop were always the same, monotonous for me and lifeless ...

The same colors, no fun spirit and no originality.

So I took the plunge and bought my first sewing machine!

Here I am self-taught in sewing, full of motivations and projects!

After hours of testing and prototype in beginner mode, I realize my very first set: saddle mat and satin star hat!

And here is a wardrobe is launched for my Dada !!

With the advice of my entourage and friends cavaliers I share my creations around me, passionate adhere and encourage me to formalize ...

.... After reflections .... I'm starting !!!

It is in 2012, at the age of 25 years that with my faithful dada we launched in

as: Creator and he official model of my company that I baptize:


Creations of equipments for horses Original and on measure.

Simply Equine Fashion!

As a craftsman, everything is essentially conceived and realized in my workshop Bourguignon in France.

As it says well: 100% handmade!

With my know-how since acquired during the last years, I make a multitude of articles (see here) and I realize all your ideas and your desires.

Give your equipment a more fun look and get out of the traditional of your classic upholstery.

"Each model is unique because each horse is unique"

I propose you models feasible from the horse size to that of mini shetland, these can be embellished with rhinestones or a text embroidery or customizable logo.

You will find on the shop different categories of products that I propose to you the realization like the traditional saddle mat available in different form that you can choose according to your desires, as well as calipers or halters embroidered in the name of your horse in assorted colors.

Each item designed and manufactured takes time (and yes the sewing is a work of small ants or the creator puts all his knowledge and his passion to satisfy you) the maximum manufacturing delays are notified under each articles

Do not hesitate to contact me for any questions about your order.

A mail for each stage will be sent to you and your account is accessible 24 / 24h, so you can follow the status and progress of your equine creation.

After reception and fitting do not hesitate to send me your photos on our facebook page.

Today, Mod'Horse designs and manufactures in its workshop items in mini series (no factory), makes your Sur-Mesure according to your desires, whether you are an enthusiast, a creator of show or other, Mod 'Horse is at your disposal.

At this time hundreds of customers every year trust us throughout the world, riders, equestrian centers, administrations (mounted police), etc ... (non-exhaustive map)

Here you are unchallenged on the biography of Mod'Horse!

Thank you for reading me to the end and thank you for making it live through time, because all this: it is thanks to you!

Very quickly for the realization of your future project.

Marjorie B.

Creator for Mod'Horse